Sangeeta Bhatnagar: Commit to a Great HUMAN Experience!

Sangeeta Bhatnagar have been in customer service her entire career, starting in an answering service after high school through founding SB Global, Human Capital Solutions in 2008. As an industry veteran and a chair of GTACC (Greater Toronto Area Contact Center Association), Sangeeta advocates for Human Experience First approach whether it applies to your customers or employees. Sangeeta is another guest expert at our upcoming live webinar where along with Jeff Doran they will share advice on attracting and retaining superstar Contact Center employees. 


Q: When/how did you decide to dedicate your career to customer experience?

Sangeeta Bhatnagar: It was a gradual progression. I have only worked in CX in one way or another since high school. My first job was in an answering service where we had to deliver great service to all of our customers. Throughout university and afterwards, I was in the CX space in various capacities. I have seen the ups and downs but can say that the feeling of doing great work and adding to people’s lives is so rewarding. Committing to great customer experience is just one part of delivering great human experiences. It is all connected together.

Live Webinar with Sangeeta Bhatnagar

Q: What motivates you to do what you do every day?

Sangeeta Bhatnagar: I am lucky that I get to do lots of different things every day. I am motivated to become the best version of myself and then add value to everyone I come in contact with – whether it be through my recruitment, training or GTACC. Creating great human experiences is what it is all about!

Q: What will happen with CX in the near future? Your predictions for the next five years.

Sangeeta Bhatnagar: More of everything. Customers become more demanding of how they should be treated. They will continue to expect more across every channel. Customers will expect their front-line contacts to be well-informed to solve problems at the first point of contact.

Q: What is your best advice to Customer Service leaders?

Sangeeta Bhatnagar: Be kind and compassionate to the team members you support as that will enable them to serve your customers best. If we commit to a commonsense approach of delivering authentic, great human experiences then we will always be able to deliver fantastic employee experiences and in turn fantastic customer experiences.

Be authentic, kind, compassionate. Work on being self-aware, so that you can communicate best with your team and serve them in a manner to benefit each team member that you support.

About Sangeeta Bhatnagar

SB low res pic - 400x400Sangeeta Bhatnagar has over 20 years of experience in the Contact Centre industry.  She has held a variety of positions in companies such as Gallop Canada, AT&T Canada, and Spherion Staffing and has been consulting in various capacities since 1999.  In 2008, she founded SB Global, Human Capital Solutions, a boutique firm specializing in the talent acquisition and development of top Contact Centre talent for her business partners. Sangeeta focuses on the human experience within the Contact Centre, understanding both the employee and customer journey.

Sangeeta has been the Chair of GTACC (Greater Toronto Area Contact Centre Association) since 2005, where she is part of the industry think-tank sharing best practices and emerging trends to support top-tiered Customer Experience Contact Centres.