Working Together

Our goal is to make your organization's CX experience the standard your competitors have to strive for every day.

What is a CXSP?

As a Customer Experience Solutions Provider, or CXSP, we listen and consult, solve problems, and incorporate employee engagement. Using our client’s preferences for engagement, we implement and support the latest technology solutions to make your customers’ experience your competitive advantage in the wider world.

The Future of Solution Engagement

At LANtelligence, Inc. we strive to improve the future of solution engagement and deliver a complete execution of every aspect of your CCaaS daily in partnership with the perfect solutions provider.

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Establish Strong Partnerships

We do everything with in our own organization in partnership with dedicated solution provider teams. Your LANtelligence, Inc team is with you from first call through ongoing support and continued innovation. As the solution provider employees turn over our relationship is long-term and ensures your customers CX experience stays the standard to beat.

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Unparalleled Support and Expertise

We combine all the experience and reach of a top consulting team, with the expertise of a technical team that lives and breathes real world design, integration, innovation, deployment and support daily.

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The LANtelligence Difference

What makes us truly different is we execute on the deliverables with no bias to any one solution. We embrace the cloud market flexibility. This allows us to always uncover the best solution for each customer. We not only do this at the sales or consultative level, but we also own the complete experience through to a long-term support partnership with each customer.

Our process

We start with your organization's needs and drivers and your customers' requirements and desires. Using this information in tandem with our expertise, knowledge, and access to all the top solutions and applications, we partner with you to design the perfect customer experience for today’s customers and innovations to set the expectations that future customers will demand.

Provide the perfect engagement for your customers.

Mastering a Digital Transformation

Times Have Changed

Today's business environment is drastically different in many markets than it was even 18 months ago. In- dustry disruption from digital outsiders, open access to information and changing social dynamics requires companies to rethink how they operate and compete.

Proactive and Not Reactive

Your business needs to become more customer focused, agile, open to new opportunities and extremely efficient to remain a competitive leader in your space. Digital transformation means leveraging new technologies to address customers needs, society’s shift to a digital economy, and the massive disruption to many industries brought on by this shift.

A Step Ahead of the Rest

Contact Center as a Service Solutions have been on the leading edge of digital transformation pushing these interactions to the cloud and opening new channels of communication, new open methodologies for integrations, analytics and turbo charging the timing of new innovations.

Future-proof your business today.

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