CX Tuesday Monthly Digest, March 2019

Best practical advice from CX industry professionals at Forbes, ICMI, Contact Center Pipeline, Call Centre Helper and others. This month, learn about:

  • The importance of customer effort in gaining customer loyalty.
  • What Kay Phelps thinks about AI and Machine Learning in the future of customer experience and her advice to customer service leaders.
  • Upcoming webinar: 3 Technologies to Drive Peak Performance of Your Contact Center.
  • Tips by Mike Aoki for insurance industry contact centers.
  • Effective ways for a retail business to earn more customer satisfaction.
  • What can you do to strike the right balance between quality and productivity of your contact center?

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The Other “E” In Customer Experience: Customer Effort

By Shep Hyken for Forbes

Effort is a leading indicator of customer loyalty. A Gartner study about customer effort reveals that customers are four times more likely to become disloyal to a brand after a difficult customer service experience. To the contrary, if a customer has an easy or low-effort experience with a brand, they are 94% more likely to repurchase.


“AI and Machine Learning will become prevalent in CX in upcoming years.”, Kay Phelps

By Mike Aoki

Increasingly we will see chat bots delivering answers to customer inquiries, and those applications, and they will learn from every interaction, so future responses become spot-on. We’ll see virtual assistants across the spectrum of interactions – whether voice, email, chat, social, SMS.


Past Webinar:

3 Technologies to Drive Peak Performance of Your Contact Center.

Thursday, April 4th at 1:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM Pacific

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5 Customer Service Tips for Insurance Industry Contact Centers

By Mike Aoki

One of my friends recently suffered a motorcycle accident. While he was not hurt, his bike was a write off. When calling his insurance company, the first thing they asked was, “Are you okay?” Their empathy impressed him.


How to turn an angry customer into a loyal one

By Sara Simon for Retail Customer Experience

To alleviate customer dissatisfaction, many successful businesses immediately look at their customer experience program — a logical approach in theory. After all, a CX program ensures regular surveying and internal alignment on the customer journey. So all of your customers will be happy, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.


Quality, Productivity, and Striking The Right Balance

By Jeremy Watkin for ICMI

When I say “metrics” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If your answer is spreadsheets and dashboards packed with tons and tons of analytics, you’re probably not alone. And while many of these metrics have their purpose, when it comes to agent performance, there are really two types of metrics that matter. The first is a productivity metric and the second a quality metric.