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Contact Center (CX) Technology should be a driving force behind your competitive advantage as a business. It provides the insight to your customers and performance that is the difference between long-term success and failure.

LANtelligence uncovers the challenges that are holding your organization back from becoming leaders in your space today and in the future. We help uncover the real needs and wants of your customers. When these are solved, success follows.

We design industry leading solutions that set the standard for CX interactions.

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Driven by the complete disdain for the level of customer service provided by technology providers and partners, added to the level of impact communication technologies were having on customers' success, a small group of industry professionals decided it was time for change.

1998 - 2012

LANtelligence immediately embraced VoIP and the possibilities it provided for reliable distributed solutions. Utilizing a business-impacting focus and well-defined deployment processes, LANtelligence, Inc brought VoIP solutions to customers in all verticals and sizes. While major players in the industry struggled to successfully deploy VoIP technologies, LANtelligence put customer after customer into cutting edge, reliable solutions that gave them a competitive advantage.

LANtelligence also focused on the rapidly evolving Call Center space as the transition to Contact Centers began. With our internal passion for CX, we saw the Contact Center solutions space as a natural fit to helping our customers use technology to create a competitive advantage in their markets.

With the acceptance of VoIP, LANtelligence turned its focus to setting a standard for customer support for technology organizations. We made the commitment to all customers to fully support them. If any of the products we supported were impacted by external issues (i.e. carrier, network, and so forth) LANtelligence would be fully engaged to assist until the issue was resolved. Our commitment to our employees' continual technical training and owning issues outside of our control that affected product performance created a standard that had never existed previously in the technology solutions space.


Now with a well-established reputation for innovation and leadership in helping customers leverage technology as a competitive advantage in the communication space, LANtelligence began to look to the new wave of cloud-based solutions. We saw them as a way for customers to access the latest technology and especially as a way for small to medium-sized businesses to obtain access to solutions that had previously been priced out of their range.

LANtelligence also embraced a few new partners in the Cloud Contact Center space or CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) to help bring all kinds of new applications and features to our customers that radically changed every aspect of their CX approach.

As the Cloud Unified Communications space struggled with the quality and reliability challenges of the cloud, LANtelligence designed solutions that leveraged hybrid models, redundancy, and solutions such as SDWAN to bring the quality required for success to cloud solutions.

2017- Present

LANtelligence began a mission to leverage all the great new technology and the incredible pace of innovation that CCaaS was bringing to the marketplace. As the world and the ways that customers engage, communicate and buy change, these new technologies are essential for companies to be competitive. Going back to our roots of helping customers lead with technology to be the best in their markets, LANtelligence drives digital transformation in many different ways. Most recently, we leverage our experience and technical expertise to help customers leverage Virtual Agents, AI, and analytics. We recognize that to compete in the very near future customers will need to have a digitally integrated organization where communications in the form preferred by the customer are what you must provide. This must all be done wile never losing sight of the fact that great CX and relationships are cemented with conversation.

Our Core Values


This is our baseline for all behavior in and out of work. True accountability always assures the best results for both employees and customers.


Our team is always ready to solve a problem, lend a hand, and provide support. We deliver solutions to your problems.


We continually deliver new technologies and approaches for customers to overcome new business challenges while staying ahead of their competition.


A great customer experience starts with the companies they work with. We take pride in our work and are never satisfied with yesterday’s victory.


Success comes from anticipating and delivering on your customers’ needs before asked. We operate proactively to help our customers create their own CX experience and provide maximum efficiency.


We value all forms of intelligence and support our employees and customers in the never-ending pursuit of knowledge.


When everyone wins you produce the greatest of all possible results. We create a win-win in all our partnerships.

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