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We don’t outsource our technical engineering services. We ensure our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) staff is up to date with their training and certifications. Our Engineers are fully certified with Mitel Connect and have CCNA or higher network certifications. Each member of our TAC team has 5+ years of experience with Mitel Connect solutions and some of them are the former Mitel support engineers.

Thanks to the high level of experience and expertise with Mitel Connect solutions, we keep the highest ticket resolution rate among existing Mitel Connect Support Partners. 94% of the tickets we process are being resolved by our team without an escalation to the Mitel Support department.

Tier 1 Support Level:

The first line of direct customer support, addressing basic customer issues. Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) is also handled at this level. General inquiries, non-technical questions, basic procedural “how-to” questions are quite common as examples of work performed at this tier.

Tier 2 Support Level:

Involves in-depth technical knowledge and is staffed by technicians who have troubleshooting capabilities beyond the Tier1 employees. Escalations to Tier 2 are often characterized by software defects and issues that require multiple cross-functional teams to troubleshoot.

Tier 3 Support Level:

Requires the highest level of technical expertise and addresses the most complex technical problems and customer issues. Tier 3 issues are handled by Systems and Network Engineers and may require multiple interactions with the customer or manufacturer before the issue is ultimately resolved.


LANtelligence Management is always monitoring all TAC cases and is stepping up when the situation requires a management intervention for proper escalation.

LANtelligence Priority Level Business Hours Response Time After Hours Response Time
P1 System Down Immediate 1 Hour(Average 10 min response time)
P2 Significant Outage Immediate 1 Hour (Average 10 min response time)
P3 Feature Issue During Business Hours: 24 Hours Next Day
P4 Move, Add, Change 24 Hours Next Day
P5 Question 24 Hours Next Day

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