Changing How Technology is Purchased

How do you purchase technology?

The digital age has changed how we purchase everything. The new ways are driven by new technology and consumers' ability to use these technologies to create a process based on how they want to purchase and have items delivered.

When it comes to B2B purchases we have seen this trend adapted at some levels, but we still see many companies resorting to old purchasing methodologies. These outdated methods assumed limited access to information, lack of access to expertise, and the requirement to weed out a vendor-specific bias. Now, thanks to SaaS companies, one can now access the ideal buying methodology giving customers access to information, to unbiased expertise and tools to ensure the best pricing.

The Old Way

Customers would research companies, look for recommendations and gather from a limited set of valuable information. The customer would then schedule a very time-consuming set of vendor direct meetings/demos and use spreadsheets or other data collection methods to try and compare the solutions. This is an inefficient process, ripe with bias, misinformation, limited unbiased expertise, and very little knowledge of pricing.

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The New Way

Thanks to Cloud-Based Software Solutions, customers have access to a small group of Customer Experience Service Providers (CXSPs) that can provide them with a truly unbiased analysis of their needs and solutions desires. These CXSP's quickly help the customer select a vetted group of two or three solutions that are the best fit for the needs of their company. In short, the customer gets all the unbiased expertise, access to unlimited information on any solution, direct solution access, and the knowledge to negotiate the best deal, with ongoing support and solution knowledge from the same people that got them to this perfect solution.​

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Our Impact Begins in the Buying Phase

When you work with LANtelligence, you work with one team that is with you from the initial needs analysis to the ongoing daily evolution of your live production Contact Center.


Contact Center Agents



LANtelligence helps you design solutions that mirror your customers' desires for the best CX experience. We enable you to provide them access to the channels, self-service options, and escalation the customer desires. Together, we integrate your workflows so that you will show an existing knowledge of the customer and your relationship. Our team will help you create a CX experience that never traps or leaves your customers unsatisfied. For customers who have issues, they will have access to options for their voices to be heard. Finally, your customers will have access to the information, tools, and people they need to support their company and customer experience.

We help you design a solution that incorporates the needs and requirements of your workforce, while still allowing for engagement in the way your customer chooses. This assures a large percentage of customer engagements start at a cooperative beginning. By automating redundant/manual tasks we free up people to be more creative and impactful in the customer engagements. We give agents tools to easily gather the required information and insight to support a customer's engagement pro-actively. This creates an environment where your teams are set up to exceed the customers' expectations and deliver. Ultimately, you will have a happier and more engaged team.​

We start with a solution that is designed to create great CX experiences while incorporating a focus on the agents' ability to deliver and focus on positive engagement. This creates a big win for management out of the gate. Now you have a happier and more engaged customer and employee base that drives towards meeting management's goals and enables management to focus on strategy and planning. By utilizing the latest technology for QM, WFM, and analytics we will empower the workforce which creates less management required and less turnover. We will take the guesswork and bias out of performance measurement. This boosts morale and performance. We will provide accurate and relevant reporting, so management is truly in step with performance and the ability to forecast. Lastly, we provide management with the tools to show exactly how the Contact Centers performance directly impacts the organization's top-line goals. We will eliminate the idea at the C Level that the Contact Center is a cost center and establish that it is a competitive advantage and the heartbeat of your ongoing success.​

By tackling the challenges of the three previous groups we align the key engagements required for the company to meet its goals and to succeed. We will provide the company a complete look into its performance with the customer perspective to be used today and for future improvements. LANtelligence provides information not only on what is happening today but what is trending for the future and where we need to focus to succeed.

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