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The pace of technological innovation has reached speeds that have never been seen before across many industries.  When it comes to Contact Center technology it changes so fast a decision made just a few months ago can start to feel outdated.   

Luckily, most of this technological innovation is coming from CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) providers, so customers have access to these solutions without the traditionally large upfront capital costs of premise-based solutions.  Even with this advantage, the amount of change and related information is near impossible for Contact Center and IT leadership to keep up with.   

What is the answer to stay on the front edge of CX?   

First of all, there are many great Contact Center groups and organizations where experiences and ideas are shared.  As a CXSP (Contact Center Solutions Provider) LANtelligence, Inc is leveraging our ability to work with all the top CCaaS solutions and applications as an opportunity to share with all customers interested on going educational information on what is new and best in CX.   

As a technical partner that offers a wide range of experience with all these solutions from deployment to support, we can share details and a perspective that few others in the industry have access to.  Our goal is to share, educate and discuss with anyone who is interested in learning as well as sharing their experiences and perspectives. What does this look like in practice?  

First, we leverage our quarterly webinars, weekly blogsand articles. Each week we have open chat or call times available to ask or discuss with one of our Technical Solutions Engineers anything Contact Center related you would like.   

Finally, from omni-channel to Intelligent Virtual Agents we are excited to share information.  We will continue to look for new ways to build this community and open the lines of communication, by sharing we can all be with you. 

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