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Communications systems that advance your business.

A modern phone system is as important a part of your network as the other technology and applications you are using to run your business day-by-day. And just as other technologies are moving to the Cloud to increase their productivity, cost-effectiveness and redundancy, telephony solutions are joining the SaaS club as well, to your benefit. Today, it is not hard to find a good telephony solution with a comprehensive feature set that meets your expectations. What makes a difference is a fast and seamless deployment with the attention to your specific details and ongoing support that covers more than just “to make phones ring”. LANtelligence brings unparalleled telephony and network expertise to ensure your business enjoys the best performance, connectivity, reliability, security and business continuity — all in one holistic, elegant, and reliable solution.

Case Study: CyberDNA

Vigilant was engaged by a Healthcare Provider who was experiencing an extreme drop in bandwidth availability within their infrastructure. Within minutes of turning on Vigilant’s CyberDNA service our analyst team was able to detect that multiple heart monitor devices at a remote hospital location were infected with a botnet known as Conficker. See how they solved the problem.

Case Study: SD-WAN

Ware Malcomb was experiencing quality of service issues with its initial SD-WAN implementation. Then they came to LANtelligence for help. We implemented a VeloCloud SD-WAN which gave Ware Malcomb immediate quality of service improvement, increased network performance and visibility, andno more having to manage and troubleshoot a complex solution. See how they did it.

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What our customers are saying:

LANtelligence not only created a solution that integrated with our aging systems for an easy transition but also helped us centralize management at our head office.

As a result of the solution implemented by LANtelligence, we are able to give our clients the best customer experience during the most stressful time in their life.

Technical Assistance Center (TAC):

How important your communication system is in your everyday business operations?


How much do you think about your communication system if it is not causing you problems? Probably, not much at all, and this is how it should be.

But what happens when all of a sudden you experience audio delay, abandoned calls, line drops or one-way service? How often do you check your call routing and IVR? Who ensures redundancy for your remote locations?

Phone system usually falls onto IT department’s shoulders and is usually too much for them to carry because telephony requires some very specific knowledge beside of IT expertise. It is always a good idea to have a reliable partner to support your telephony system.


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