How to statically assign 400-series Mitel desk phone

Step by step video instruction of how to assign 400-series Mitel (ShoreTel) desk phone

  • Reboot the phone, when it displays “press any key to enter setup” press a key
  • The default password is 1234
  • Select Network Policy and press Open
  • Toggle LLDP-MED to off. Toggle 802.1Q to on. Set the VLAN ID
  • Select Back and then open Internet Protocol and press the open button
  • Toggle DHCP to off. Fill in the IP address and subnet mask
  • Select Gateway and press edit
  • Enter the default gateway IP address
  • Press back and then select DNS and press enter
  • Enter your DNS servers and then select Back
  • Select SNTP (Time) and select edit
  • Enter the IP address of your time server and select Back
  • Select Back from the Internet Protocol page
  • Select Apply. The phone reboots

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