How EX affects CX and How to Succeed at Both – Webinar Recording

Watch the recording of the recent webinar “How Employee Experience (EX) Affects Customer Experience (CX) and How to Succeed at Both”. This time Mike Aoki, Erica Marois, Neal Dlin and Martin Tracey are talking about different aspects of employee experience, including geographically spread teams and changes that AI and Omnichannel bring to the table.

Webinar agenda

Speakers discussed three main questions: 

  • How does Employee Experience (EX) affect Customer Experience (CX)?
  • What can enterprise contact centers do to improve Employee Experience, especially if they have multiple sites and/or remote Agents?
  • How does the introduction of new technology – such as AI and omnichannel – affect Employee Experience and/or Customer Experience?



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Panelists’ bios

Erica Marois, Content Manager @ICMI

Erica Marois is the Content Manager at ICMI. She hosts #ICMIchat, moderates ICMI webinars, manages content on, oversees the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards program, and is a member of the ICMI Contact Center Demo Advisory Board. She often speaks at industry events and is passionate about helping customer service leaders find unique solutions to their most significant challenges.

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Neal Dlin, Chief Customer Obsessed Officer @Chorus Tree

Neal Dlin is a long-time practitioner and thought leader in the areas of customer experience, employee engagement and contact centers. With over 20 years of experience across multiple industries, leading brands and digital start-ups, he has proven expertise in service strategy development, employee and customer journey design, contact center operations and organizational transformation. Servant leadership is at the heart of his approach, coupled with a futurist perspective, he has a strong track record of building high performing, empowered and cohesive teams. His constant drive to create safe, idea fostering environments, along with his authentic passion and strategic leadership maintains him as a game changing player in the customer and employee experience space.

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Marty Tracey, CEO @LANtelligence

Martin has started his career in Telecom industry with big carriers like Bell Canada over 25 years ago. In 1998, he founded Comsel Communications, a Telephony Value-added Reseller. In 2000, became one of the first ShoreTel partners and was one of the first companies to provide only VoIP solutions. Today, he is one of the biggest advocates for digital transformation in customer experience (CX).

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