[Recent Webinar] How to Engage and Retain Your Contact Center Team During a Challenging Year

Watch the recording of our recent joint LANtelligence/GTACC webinar “How to Engage and Retain Your Contact Center Team During a Challenging Year” with Erin Grey, Sameer Maini, and host Mike Aoki. 

Below is the recording our June 24th 2021 webinar event.

According to a recent Gallup poll, a mere 39% of US workers felt actively engaged at work.


Yet, as contact centers bring everyone back to the office, become hybrid or declare work-from-home is permanent, employee engagement is crucial.

How does great leadership create employee loyalty? How can coaching build relationships and engagement? How can technology keep your team connected and empower them to better service your customers?

Learn more by watching this important discussion with industry experts for the best practices on enterprise level contact center employee engagement and retention.

Get all the insights for planning your post covid-19 contact center in this complementary 1 hour webinar below.

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Thanks to our co-sponsor GTACC, host Mike Aoki, and our panel Erin Grey and Sameer Maini.

Viewing time 60 minutes


For You: A Complementary Guidebook of Three Strategies & Ideas for Engaging and Retaining Your Agents

You can download your copy of “3 Strategies for Engaging & Retaining Your Contact Center Agents” to pass around with your management team below.

How to Engage Contact Center Employees - Download (4)