Turning on ShoreTel ECC Dial Lists

In order to ensure that the dial lists are active you need to ensure a couple of things:

  1. You database is up to date
    1. You have imported the numbers you wish to call
  2. Your dial list has a schedule
  3. Your dial list is in an active state
    1. The dial list has not completed
    2. There is someone logged into the outbound queue available to make outbound calls

Importing Dial List

On the server that is running your database (in this example is it MySql) open up the administration GUI (SQLyog).

In this example the MySql Database is “diallist”

The table we are importing to is “nfldcustomers”


Right click on the table and select “import data from csv”


Then the import tool will pop up and you want to make sure the following fields are selected. The nfldcustomers table is selected as well as the column (numbers only, counter will auto increment to ensure this is deselected). The point the import tool to the properly formatted .CSV file. The current structure of this .CSV file is all the numbers in a 10 digit format in a single column.


Then hit import. You should see all the rows import and if there are any errors the pop up window will tell you how many rows had issues and how many successfully imported.

Ensuring Dial List Active

If you first navigate to the ECC Contact Center director and choose the dial list schedules link on the left hand side.


You can check the status of the dial list it will either say Dial List Active or Not Active.

If you navigate to Dial List and ensure you have the group selected you scroll down to the bottom of the first tab and you will see the dial list status and control.



This is where you can control the dial list by terminating the dial list if you don’t want it to run any more.

To activate the list you have to ensure the following:

  • You have at least one agent logged into that queue
  • Your dial list has not been completed
  • Your dial list schedules are in place.

If you update the dial list on the MySql db you can click the import now button and this will activate the list with new information. You can go back to the General tab and see if the dial list now shows active.


The ECC will query 50 records at a time and when those records are finished the system will query the next 50 records and this will continue until all the records have been dialed.

If the dial list is Active then the agents should be receiving calls. If the dial list is not active you need to verify that the schedules are active and that you have imported or refreshed the database.

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