How to Setup French Users with DID’s on an English Trunk Group

Current Scenario:

When a user that has been setup as a French language user receives a call on their DID, the voice mail will play the users message and then the following instructions will be in English not French.

This is a result of the DID’s or DNIS mapping are associated to a specific trunk group and the trunk group has been defined as English. If you change the trunk group to French, then all the callers to the English users will get the voice mail instructions in French.

Although you can set up the user with a French language mailbox as well as have their greeting in French as well but what is not in French is the options that are presented to the caller after they have left the voice mail. ShoreTel tags the language from the language that the trunk has been configured. Therefore if you have only one trunks (i.e. PRI) and you have a majority of users that are English and only a few that are French, without the work around below the callers will receive English language system prompts.



  • Step 1 – Make sure User profile has French selected as their language.



  • Step 2 – Create an Auto Attendant for that user.

    For example for the user Guy Lafleur x1010, create an Auto Attendant called Guy Lafleur Auto Attendant (e.g. x1720).



  • Step 3 – Modify the new Auto Attendant Timeout from 8000 ms to 0 ms.


  • Step 4 – Record a blank message for the Auto Attendant. Start recording a new AA message and then stop recording immediately so that you have recorded no message (1 ms of Silence).


  • Step 5 – Change the Timeout option on the lower part of the screen to Take a message x1010.


  • Step 6 – Save the new Auto Attendant.
  • Step 7 – Change the personal options for that user. Change any of the Call Handling Modes from forwarding to Voice Mail to now forward to the users new Auto Attendant (AA 1720).



Now when callers dial Guy’s extension (1010) or call his DID (416-555-1010) the caller will forward to the Auto Attendant 1720 which will immediately put the caller into the voicemail for extension 1010. Then after the user’s (Guy Lafleur) greeting has played the following instructions will also be in French.

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