How to Handle Nuisance Callers with ShoreTel/Mitel Connect

Here’s how you can take a caller that you don’t want to speak with and forward the call to a voice mail box that won’t take any messages. 

Ever wondered about how you can set up a call screening for your ShoreTel/Mitel phone system(s) to prevent unwanted calls (i.e., nuisance sales callers and scammers)?

In this video, we go over the six quick and easy steps to prevent those receptive bothersome numbers.

The six easy steps, which are outlined in the video in more detail, include:

  1. Identify the number
  2. Establish a Route Point
  3. Create an Auto Attendant
  4. Create or use a silent recording file
  5. Setup routing rules on your communicator/Connect client
  6. Test

Get all the insights and tips in our video now.



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