How to Retain Call Center Employees: Three Steps to Increasing Engagement at Your Organization

As companies move forward in a post-pandemic world, the need for retaining and engaging your contact center agents is crucial. Are you actively engaging and retaining your agents at your contact center? Get all the insights now.

How to Retain and Engage Call Center Employees

This past second quarter of 2021, we had a chance to co-sponsor a webinar event with GTACC that covered how you can engage and retain agents at your contact center. (You can access the recording here.)

We discussed how now is the time organizations alike need to build more engaging and better working environments for agents as we bring everyone back to the office. As we all know now, the pandemic has changed the way work is done at the workplace.

Retention rates are decreasing, turnover increasing, and employees across all industries are deciding on whether to make career changes. So, the time is now to level up your game with how you’re engaging your employees.

As you move to an on-site, work-from-home, and/or hybrid model, the question of how to retain your call center employees becomes crucial. First, let’s look at some reasons for why you should improve your employee engagement at your contact center.


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Call Center Retention Rates – Poor Employee Engagement Comes with Poor Retention

According to a study conducted by Quality Assurance and Training Connection (QATC), call centers in the US have on average an employee turnover rate of 30-45%. This is above what is considered a normal turnover rate, so what’s the reason for all this turnover?

On a large part, it is the lack of employee engagement. In fact, call centers suffer from high turnover as a result of not prioritizing employee retention strategies and engagement activities.

Continue reading as we are now going to discuss the exact strategies and tips you need to implement with your management team today.


Call Center Retention Strategies: How to Keep Call Center Employees Happy

Below, the team at LANtelligence has put together a comprehensive three-step guide that is intended to be passed around to your contact center management team. In this guide, we discuss three key tips you can implement today for increasing agent engagement and retention.

In particular, by having more transparent leadership, consistent internal programs, and gamification techniques at your organization, both on-site and remote, you can enhance the way you and your team members work and interact with each other.

These three tips include:

  • Leveraging more transparent leadership
    More transparency between leadership team and agents can reduce benefit costs and increase employee referrals.Often times, agents see leadership as an adversary rather than a team player. Improving transparency and being more of a team player is crucial in improving engagement and retention.
  • Coordinating internal programs at the office & virtually

    Facilitating more open communication and team events allows agents to feel more connected and bond with other team members.

    See how open communication, creative hour, and guided work outs can enhance the way your work environment at your organization can spark light and motivation amongst your staff.

  • Gamification at the workplace

    Implementing a gamification strategy allows agents to be more productive, as it establishes a common workplace goal among agents.

    It increases agent-to-agent communication and establishes a community with all members alike. Read more and see three great ideas for adding gamification at your contact center.

You can download your copy of “3 Strategies for Engaging & Retaining Your Contact Center Agents” to pass around with your management team below.

How to Engage Contact Center Employees - Download (3)

As you adopt an on-site, work-from-home, and/or a hybrid work model, these three tips can better help you implement a more cohesive and engaging structure in place that ignites motivation, engagement, and retention.

How do you plan to increase employee engagement and retention at your contact center?

Let us know in the comments.