CCaaS Means The Power Of The Contact Center Is Now Available To Everyone

Welcome to the Contact Center Club, Mr./Ms. IT Director

Because the initial capital outlay for a Contact Center is so high, in-house Contact Centers have historically been only for businesses in the “billionaires club”, and certainly beyond the means of most small and medium size businesses.

contact-center-headre.jpgWhat a Contact Center Could Mean To Your Business

With the advent of a Cloud Contact Center or Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS), more companies are now able to either implement a Contact Center for the first time or move their outsourced Contact Center in-house.

So what could a Contact Center mean to your business?

The ability to create branded customer experiences (CX) for your customers for one.


A Contact Center Is The Interface To Your Company

Businesses from all industries are coming to terms with the fact that we have moved from The Age of the Seller to The Age of the Customer. With so many options, so much commoditization, and price transparency, the power in the transaction has moved from the seller to the customer.

So more than ever, it’s about finding new ways to win new customers and keeping the ones you have. The Contact Center is becoming more and more central to that effort. Why? Because to many of your customers, the Contact Center is the interface to your company – the control center for all communication between your organization and the outside world.

Create A Great Customer Experience

Bringing your Contact Center in-house with a CCaaS solution makes that possible by putting your company in control of the Contact Centre customer experience. You’re able to integrate your business applications – your CRM and your ERP – with your Contact Center. This allows you to use the customer data from those systems so create a personalized experience for the caller.

  • Is the customer a native Spanish speaker? With that information in your CRM, she or he doesn’t have to “marque el dos para Español”. Instead, the CC system, which is integrated with the CRM, can route her to a Spanish-speaking agent.
  • Has the customer worked with a particular agent before – and maybe given the agent a good service rating? – why not route him to that same agent?

With the advent of Contact Center-as-a-service, the ability to provide this as the level of customer service is now available for all size organizations.

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