Voice and Screen Recording

The ability to search, review and share customer interactions is vital. Screen recording and voice call recording are key components for understanding your customers’ experience and improving your service. These tools make up the core of agent quality management, which improves employee training and performance by allowing access to important information and customer interactions in real time.

Screen capture video is a component for optimizing performance for many sales and customer care organizations. Proper screen capture video gives the additional function of recording the employee screen interaction with the call. This provides a more organized customer-focused effort. By having all the information at the employee’s fingertips for sharing and training purposes you are improving the most important interaction, the one with your customers.


TelStrat Call Recording

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LANtelligence Utilizes Telstrat Screen Capture

Our experience and expertise with Telstrat screen capture will provide:

  • Live monitoring of a single agent’s or whole team’s screens simultaneously
  • Capturing & reviewing synchronized voice-plus-screen recordings for workforce optimization purposes
  • Integrating easily into a broad range of advanced IT environments

Xima VRTX (Voice Recording Technology)


Contact us to learn how LANtelligence can custom fit a call recording and screen capture solution that best fits the needs of your organization’s customer interaction groups