Workforce Management

Labor is the largest expense for most organizations. When companies have large inside sales, customer service and support groups the most efficient use of this labor is critical. Proper workforce management provides an ability to maximize your top labor resources and limit waste. When properly deployed and supported workforce management tools deliver optimal environment for performance.

Monet Software and Telstrat Engage are two solutions providing report, collaboration and transparency for employees creates a more productive and efficient work environment. Each has unique offerings.

Telstrat Engage eliminates forecast overstaffing by recognizing secondary skills and accounting for call overflow to available secondarily skilled agents. This allows your contact center to easily reach service goals while operating at a more cost-effective level

Monet software is another top workforce management option LANtelligence is proud to offer. Here are a few reasons it might be the right fit for your organization:

  • Improve forecast accuracy and track intra-day trends for immediate adjustments.
  • Create optimal schedule to consistently meet service levels and control cost
  • Monitor agent adherence and other metrics in real-time to take immediate actions
  • Track and analyze key metrics to optimize service quality and center performance

LANtelligence will work with your team to pick the perfect Workforce Management solution for your organization based on your key requirements. Contact us to get the process started today!