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When it comes to support for Cloud-based Contact Center solutions, we have found that the majority of providers’ CX offerings are not aligned with customers’ requirements and expectations.

The break-fix style support offered by the providers falls down when it comes to these support requirements and access to the right resources for these engagements is often limited and delayed. With the Digital Transformation of leading companies, you require a support partner that can help you bring all of these solutions together and assure they are always operating at peak performance and evolving.

  • A pro-active approach to support assures that we are available for customers to engage immediately for not just break-fix style issues but also the more common design, flow, set up, application and reporting challenges.
  • Our “Live” TAC is available to take calls, chat and email from customers 14 hours a day to help with these requirements and we are available 24x7x365 for emergency issues.  In addition to our TAC engineers, our dedicated technical solutions engineers are available to all support customers to help with anything that requires a deeper level of assistance than a normal direct TAC engagement.
  • In addition to having the perfect resources and mix for these newer support requirements, our teams are also trained and certified in all areas that can affect your Contact Center outside of the actual CCaaS solution.
  • When it comes to network, integrations, and connectivity issues we are never going to pass the buck we will assist your team in driving these issues to resolution even if the core issue resides outside your CCaaS solution but is affecting performance.
  • The other key component to great support is a clear path of issue escalation.  We have a  dedicated support manager to ensure all escalations are being worked daily to beat SLA’s and we have dedicated resources with all our provider partners that ensure we can tap the right people for results.

Our Team Excels in Support

We don’t outsource our technical engineering services. We ensure our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) staff is up to date with their training and certifications. Our Engineers are fully certified with all the products we sell and have CCNA or higher network certifications. Each member of our TAC team has 5+ years of experience with Cloud solutions.

These improvements to access and control have driven different requirements for the Contact Center when it comes to support.  Contact Center Management still needs quick easy access to answers related to the solution applications, operations, and features.  In addition to great self-service tools, they need expert human interaction to help plan, design and configure the ever-evolving setups of their Contact Center environments.

Tier 1 Support Level:

The first line of direct customer support, addressing basic customer issues. Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) is also handled at this level. General inquiries, non-technical questions, basic procedural “how-to” questions are quite common as examples of work performed at this tier.

Tier 2 Support Level:

Involves in-depth technical knowledge and is staffed by technicians who have troubleshooting capabilities beyond the Tier1 employees. Escalations to Tier 2 are often characterized by software defects and issues that require multiple cross-functional teams to troubleshoot.

Tier 3 Support Level:

Requires the highest level of technical expertise and addresses the most complex technical problems and customer issues. Tier 3 issues are handled by Systems and Network Engineers and may require multiple interactions with the customer or manufacturer before the issue is ultimately resolved.


LANtelligence Management is always monitoring all TAC cases and is stepping up when the situation requires a management intervention for proper escalation.

LANtelligence Priority Level Business Hours Response Time After Hours Response Time
P1 System Down Immediate 1 Hour(Average 10 min response time)
P2 Significant Outage Immediate 1 Hour (Average 10 min response time)
P3 Feature Issue During Business Hours: 24 Hours Next Day
P4 Move, Add, Change 24 Hours Next Day
P5 Question 24 Hours Next Day

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