CRM or Contact Center (CCaaS)

Which One is Best? 

The pace of new technology innovation is faster than regulators, consumers and even most providers can sustain.  A huge segment of this innovation has been leveraging the leaps in Natural Language Processing (Virtual Assistants) and AI assisted applications for the Customer Service (CX) space.    In a very short time, the simple application of providing customers options for their communication with your teams, has transformed to offering self-service tools that initiate automated responses or workflows.    In a sentence this all sounds great and not that complicated. However, companies and organizations face a complicated process to implement these tools. Let’s look at the journey they must take.

What Are Companies Facing? 

First, at a minimum, you will be working with two different software solutions from different providers.  You will need to integrate these using API’s that are hopefully already available. If not, some level of customization will be required.     Once you have decided on the business actions, requirements, process and reporting, you then need to determine which solution is best suited for each operation.  Is a chatbot from your website best served by your CRM, or is it better done from your CCaaS solution?  Can your CRM provide a Self-Service IVR that has routing capabilities, are the Intelligent Virtual Assistant/Agent (IVA) capabilities of your CRM better than your CCaaS or do they both leverage a third-party application that is integrated into your system?  Will your reporting and analytics applications be able to pull data from both platforms into reports, or will you need to manually create reports for your teams?    These are only some of the challenges. Who is going to do all the work?   

Common Company Workarounds 

Most CRM and CCaaS providers will look to the customer or a third-party integrator from their channels to manage, program and deploy these solutions.  Since most of these organizations have great technical capabilities and project management, that’s not the initial problem.  Where the challenge usually comes in is that companies tend to only know a small set of integrations or automations related to a smaller specific solution set.    For example, consider a company that specializes in Salesforce projects.  However, the big push toward digital transformation and the competitive advantages of providing customers with Self-Service and automation requires a different skill set. And no one in the company has the time, resources, or energy to devote to learning these skills.   What this company needs is a partner organization that has a broad range of technical skills and experience with a large set of solutions.   

Our Solution 

Customer Service Solutions Providers (CXSP) are small groups of integration style partners that work with a large set of CCaaS and CRM solutions providers.  The CXSP has the teams and skill to help your organization bring together a complete digital transformation plan with the right set of solutions for you.    Customer Service Solutions Providers also offer the technical teams to deploy, integrate and automate your solutions and workflows by themselves or in conjunction with a small group of key programming partners.  In addition, many CXSP’s offer access to dedicated partner teams from the top solutions tailored to perfect your CX digital transformation.  They are worth the investment.  

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In Conclusion  A true digital transformation is not a small project. It requires the right customer planning, dedication, and partners to come to fruition.    While technology rockets ahead with new innovations behind the scenes we are certainly in a place in history where companies require the collaboration of both the CCaaS and your CRM to accomplish a complete solution for their business needs.    As each segment evolves, we will see what 2022 and 2023 bring to the CX transformation. How will you meet the challenge?  

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