Business Continuity Solutions

Finding the right definition

Trying to define Business Continuity is not always easy. Everyone seems to have a unique definition these days. Depending on how your business operates, you may think about it a lot differently than the guy next to you. The easiest way is to go backward and identify what Business Continuity is NOT.

Business Continuity ≠ Data Backup

The definition of a data backup is as followed. “A data backup is a result of copying or archiving files and folders for the purpose of being able to restore them in case of data loss. Data loss can be caused by many things ranging from computer viruses to hardware failures to file corruption to fire, flood, or theft (etc).”
  • If a disaster happened at your business, do you have a strategy to keep downtime as minimal as possible?
  • Have you considered all associated costs?
  • Can you meet recovery goals?
These are questions many business owners find themselves asking when it’s too late. These questions also highlight the basic differences between backup and business continuity. Then maybe we should be looking at the Disaster Recovery?

Business Continuity ≠ Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is the area of security planning that deals with protecting an organization from the effects of significant negative events. That means the Disaster Recovery itself is also not a right definition.

Business Continuity = Data Backup + Disaster Recovery

Data backup and disaster recovery together make up the Business Continuity plan. But the two should never stand alone! LANtelligence partners with Datto to provide you with Total Data Protection solutions deliver uninterrupted access to business data on site, in transit and in the cloud. Watch this short explanatory video to learn how it works.

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