Jeff Doran: With a Big Focus on AI Comes Challenge of Attracting The Right Employees

Jeff Doran, a sought after speaker, author and a Founder and President of CCEOC Inc, made employee experience in Customer Service industry a work of his life. We invited him to be a guest speaker at our upcoming CX Webinar and asked him a few questions about his career and outlook on the industry.


Q: When/how did you decide to dedicate your career to customer experience?

Jeff Doran: I didn’t really choose a career in customer experience, it chose me. I started in the industry over 30 years ago as an order desk/customer service rep for a large packaging company. It wasn’t until I established an outsourced BPO back in the late ‘80’s, that I was excited about my prospects and really wanted to stay and work in this industry.

Q: What motivates you to do what you do every day?

Jeff Doran: I enjoy working with people. I really believe, that if I can help organizations improve their workplace culture, they will in turn, provide better employee experiences, thereby delivering better customer experiences.

Live Webinar with Jeff Doran

Q: What will happen with CX in the near future? Your predictions for the next five years.

Jeff Doran: AI is going to be a big area of focus in the coming years. But with that, comes the challenge of attracting, training and retaining the right profile employees who will be successful in a fast moving, automated work environment. At the end of the day, technology doesn’t work unless people are using it properly.

Workforce management will be a critical leadership issue moving forward. Consumers will continue to demand more services – faster. So the onus is on companies to ensure they can deliver on service level promises to their customers, while at the same time, engaging and retaining their employees.

In addition, market segmentation and understanding consumer demographics will be very important to ensure organizations are delivering the right level of service, through the right channels to the right audience.

Q: What is your best advice to Customer Service leaders?

Jeff Doran: Be flexible, open minded and lead by example. Treat your employees like Gold! Look for ways to build employee engagement by collaborating and involving employees in decisions that affect them. The more employees feel connected to the organization and understand their contributions at work, the more they will be motivated to deliver an excellent customer experience.

About Jeff Doran

Jeff Doran-400x400Jeff Doran is a Founder and President of CCEOC Inc. He has been improving customer experience and corporate culture for over 30 years. His company provides culture building and employer branding services including: the “Employer of Choice” market sector awards as well as the Contact Center Employer of Choice certification program. CCEOC also provides employee engagement development programs, employee commitment surveys, data analysis, seminars, workshops and action plan facilitation services.

Jeff Doran is a sought after speaker and author, having presented at many leading industry events including: Canada Telecom Summit, GTACC, SOCAP Annual Conference (US), IQPC Call Center Week (US), ICCM, Federated Press, Canadian Marketing Association,  and CCA (US) among others.