Five Ways We Can Help You Boost Your Cloud Solution

Cloud implementation process is more than Plug-&-Play

Despite the advertised simplicity of cloud voice, the technology does not come already integrated with your applications and configured to support your Contact Center requirements. It’s the behind-the-scenes evaluation of your system configuration and setup that makes cloud work the way it’s been proposed to work.


Your phone system should be simple for you to use but the process of designing and delivering on that system isn’t easy. LANtelligence takes a thorough look at your organizational goals and designs a solution that delivers the ability for your team to achieve those goals. The end result is a solution that leverages integrations and applications to provide an automated, end-to-end communication, not just a phone system.

we’ve got a process

The effort, planning and expertise make the difference between a system that contributes to your business goals and system that disrupts your team. We’ve got a proven Project Management Process for Cloud solutions design and implementation.

Download Cloud Project Management Process Infographics

WE offer what is best for you, NOT what is advertised better 

If something sounds good but it’s not the right solution for you, we won’t recommend you that. What is best for you is more important to us than what we can sell. We stick to that philosophy consistently, even if it means having a difficult conversation or being honest about whether or not a specific technology is right for your organization. We benefit from your success.


Most organizations selling Cloud Voice Solutions disappear when it comes to a propper support. At LANtelligence, service and expertise is the cornerstone of any engagement. Our team is dedicated to answering calls, troubleshooting issues, and finding opportunities to help you communicate with your customers better.

WE make CUSTOMER satisfaction our aim

Our dedicated project management, implementation, escalation management, training and support staff enables us to create the solutions that other organizations cannot. We ensure that our work will integrate seamlessly with the technology you have in place, positively impacting the way you do business.

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Download our “Cloud Project Management Process” infographoics to learn more.

Source: UCaaS Blog