CX Tuesday Monthly Digest, June 2019

Best practical advice from CX industry professionals at Forbes, ICMI, Contact Center Pipeline, Call Centre Helper and others. This month, learn about:

  • How to help contact center agents survive their first call
  • How to deliver a more personalized experience
  • Best practices for professional associations to create a great member experience
  • Tips for contact center advisors on how to coach empathy
  • How to create a successful customer experience strategy



How to Help Contact Center Agents Survive Their First Call

By Andrew Gilliam for LANtelligence 

For first-time contact center agents, speaking with that first customer can be a nerve wracking experience. Regardless of the length and rigor of your training program, it’s impossible to account for every possible scenario.


Deliver a More Personalized Experience

By Susan Hash for Contact Center Pipeline

According to a recent Accenture Pulse Check, 83% of consumers are willing to share their data to enable a personalized experience as long as: (1) businesses are transparent about how they are going to use the data, and (2) customers have control over it.


5 Tips to Help Professional Associations Provide Great Customer Experience for Their Members

By Mike Aoki for LANtelligence

I have been on the boards of several associations. I have also trained association boards and office staff on customer service skills. Based upon that, here are 5 tips for a better member experience.


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How to Coach Empathy in the Contact Centre – With Three Training Exercises

Call Centre Helper

To be a contact centre advisor, you need certain skills that are difficult to test in conventional one-to-one interviews. One of the skills is Emotional Intelligence.


All About The Customer: How To Create A Successful Customer Experience Strategy

Annette Franz for Forbes

There’s a lot of talk out there about customer experience transformations stalling, or worse, failing. And there’s a lot of speculation as to why that’s happening. From my perspective, the root cause lies at the top of the organization.