CX Tuesday Monthly Digest, February 2019

Best practical advice from CX industry professionals at Forbes, ICMI, Contact Center Pipeline, Call Centre Helper and others. This month, learn about:

  • 2019 technological innovation that is the key to modern customer experience.
  • Webinar Recording “5 Ways CX Journey Mapping Can Improve CSAT & NPS Results.”
  • Training tools and techniques that enhance the learning experience.
  • Tips for providing customer service that results in customer loyalty.
  • Some best practices in customer service messaging shared by CX Experts.

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Top Technology Trends That Will Reshape The Customer Experience In 2019

By Puru Govind for Forbes

Millennials and Generation Z expect brands to have sophisticated self-service offerings. Fast access to products and services, combined with seamless processes without media disruptions and channel changes, is at the top of the list of priorities for customers. Let’s take a look at the key technology trends that will accelerate customer experience innovation in 2019.


5 Ways CX Journey Mapping Can Improve CSAT & NPS Results – Webinar Recording 

By LANtelligence 


Watch the recording of our latest webinar, “5 Ways CX Journey Mapping Can Improve CSAT & NPS Results” with Mike Aoki and our guest speaker Annette Franz of CX Journey Inc.


Innovative Training for the Contact Center

By Susan Hash for Contact Center Pipeline

Younger generations who are used to having information readily accessible at their fingertips often find classroom learning to be too slow and impersonal. They’re used to being able to access what they need quickly and instantly and don’t want to wait until the company is ready to train them on a particular thing. Learn about innovative tools and techniques developed for the contact center environment which reinforce knowledge and skills retention while delivering positive performance improvement.


5 Tips For Aligning Customer Success and Customer Service

By Call Centre Helper

Too many companies make the mistake of focusing only on customer acquisition and ignoring the single biggest source of profitability they have—their existing customers. Bain & Company research shows that just a 5% boost in customer loyalty can lead to a 95% increase in profits. To provide the kind of service that earns customer loyalty, starts with aligning customer-facing teams with each other and with the rest of the organization.


5 Ways Contact Centers Can Help Break Down Walls & Silos In Organizations

By Chris Hanna for ICMI

Within many organizations, barriers to both resources and information exist. Unfortunately, when it comes to the contact center, these walls not only impede the progress of team members but also limit the customer experience. Sometimes there is vital information hidden behind a curtain that only a select few can access.