Concerns about Cloud solutions reliability and functions


Similar to the early days of the first VoIP solutions deployments in the late 90’s, there have been public failures of high profile or large Cloud voice deployments.

They could have done that a different way

Just like the early VoIP deployments the issues are not with the technology but with the organizations and the methods of deployment. The idea that taking all the programming, routing, and functionality of 20 years of premise-based features and solutions and shifting all this to the cloud with a simple data collection sheet and a couple phone calls is crazy. 

Despite this obvious issue, this is exactly what 90% of the providers in the Cloud Voice Solutions space have done. The idea that the carriers, manufacturers or master agents who struggle to provision and execute on simple internet circuit, PRI or SIP deployments could suddenly handle the complexity of a complete voice solution deployment was arrogant. The result has been a shaky start to many Cloud voice deployments, as under provisioned groups with limited expertise and no accountability screwed up simple Project Management, Programing, Timing, “Go Live” and training functions.

Today, it’s a different story

A number of Cloud Voice Solutions have seen the light and are moving rapidly to engage the expertise, accountability, accuracy and support of the value added reseller community to ensure that these deployments are successful. By having the upfront expertise and experience to help customers find the right solution fit for their organization. As well the project management ability, design, program and deployment skills to ensure a fully operational solution. With the ongoing support and training to make sure a customer gets the most out of the solution.

So don’t let a provider throw your solution over the fence and hope for the best on a deployment.  Be sure to partner with a professional organization that can make certain your move to the Cloud is a huge success and your solution is a value to your organization.

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Source: UCaaS Blog