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Telecom consulting as part of the UCaaS project 

All the moving parts of your phone system’s digital transformation project tied into a comprehensive solution that works for YOU.

When it comes to complicated phone solution projects, telecom consulting brings peace of mind to decision makers. Digital transformation is catching up with every business in the world, big or small, and creates a challenge of choosing multiple business solutions and applications that must integrate with one another into a cohesive cloud environment.
This is why many companies decide to hire an independent consultant to help them navigate through the high tide of cloud technology.

With the way SaaS providers bring technology to the market today, a new option has emerged! Technical Solutions Providers are now utilizing their expertise and experience to offer customers access to the best solutions, not just trying to sell them a single solution. In partnership with the manufacturer, the Technology Solutions Provider can assess your specific solution requirements and help you select from the best options in the market.

Why hire a third party when you can get consulting from the people who design, deploy, and support it every day?

LANtelligence goes one step further and offers high-level consulting experience from our Technical Solution Engineers and Project Managers as part of every UCaaS and CCaaS project for our customers.

It includes:

  • Detailed discovery process with your business road map in mind
  • A focused review of areas for automation and integration
  • Full network environment assessment
  • A short list of best-fit solutions with add-on applications and carrier services options
  • Easy quote process
  • Solution demos targeted at your specific use cases
  • Full communication system design and implementation

The reality of telecom consulting today

When working with a telecom consultant, you expect an unbiased opinion, great market and technology knowledge, a thorough understanding of your needs, and expectations for new technology. In other words, you are willing to pay a consultant so you don’t have to pay extra for technology if it doesn’t work from the beginning.

In reality, how these technologies come to market today has changed. There are four times as many options, and each option will need to be integrated into other solutions. Without the daily experience of working with these manufacturers and solutions, it would be impossible to stay current. By working with these manufacturers and solutions every day, we are able to deliver the most detailed needs analysis and pinpoint the best solution options for your selection process.

Endless benefits—for you!

By using LANtelligence as a telecom consultant for your digital transformation, you save time and money and get more ROI.

Here’s how:

  • All parts of the process are performed by LANtelligence’s own experts with a single point of contact for the customer, which shortens the journey in half.
  • We have access to all best-in-market solutions and don’t need to get the manufacturers’ sales engineers involved for quotes and demos.
  • We can assess your network ourselves or work with your IT provider to ensure the flawless install and performance of your new phone system.
  • We provide SD-WAN with every project to ensure QoS (quality of service).
  • Our own carrier services team ensures the smooth integration of the chosen solution with the carrier’s connectivity, helping you find the best plan and simplify the billing.
  • The solution design and implementation is the integrated part of the project, so you don’t have to hire another party to complete the job!

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