ShoreTel and the “Active Shooter” scenario

How to get emergency under control with your ShoreTel system

Every month or so there is a new event that generates a call into our TAC. “What can we do to alert our staff in the case of an emergency”? 

At LANtelligence we answer with two ShoreTel advanced applications.  The Emergency Notification and the ShoreTel Enhanced Paging application. 


The Emergency Notification and the ShoreTel Enhanced Paging Application

The Emergency notification application provides a desktop alert to management, human resources and security whenever an emergency number is dialed.  This can be configured for not only 911 but any “Panic Button” shortcuts as well.    We combine this notification with the ShoreTel Enhanced Paging application.  This allows you to create paging groups of up to 100 phones and to aggregate these groups into super groups resulting in notifications being able to be sent to hundreds or even thousands of endpoints.  With the press of a single button: text to speech, sounds or pre-recorded audio are sent to the application and played on the predefined phones. 

How it works

A great example is at one of our current customers locations.  They have an open campus in an area that has a high homeless population.  Occasionally the front desk needs assistance when someone comes in and gets unruly.  We have a short cut button programmed onto the phone that sends an alert and rings the desk of a few staff members near the front door. The staff members know when they hear the pre-agreed upon alert they assemble in the reception area.  This diffuses the situations when extra staff members show up on queue and now the police rarely need to be called.

To earn more about ShoreTel features visit our YouTube Channel or call us ask how this solution can work at your company to meet compliance needs.


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