ShoreTel and Skype for Business

ShoreTel Integrations Series

Mitel (ShoreTel) Connect integrates with Skype for Business easily and in very little time. The ShoreTel Connect client has a Microsoft plugin that comes with the installation package.

Shoretel for skype.png

Start with installing Lync plagin

If you want to use Skype for Business instead of the Connect Client, browse the Connect Client software folder for the install — LyncPlugin directory. You may run the *.exe or there is a *.msi for group policy push.

Step 1:

Once the software is deployed and Skype for Business is open you will see a ShoreTel logo at the bottom of the window and a Log In button.

SoB 1-540986-edited.jpg

Step 2:

Once you log in the integration displays a bar at the bottom of the Skype for Business window.

SoB 2.jpg

Step 3:

We get 6 icons to select from. Availability state, dial pad, events, voicemail, Directory and settings. The availability state changes are intuitive to previous Connect Client users.

SoB 3-929766-edited.jpg

Step 4:

The dial pad icon opens up and you can enter a telephone number here to dial from the application.

SoB 4-036823-edited.jpg

Step 5:

The recent icon shows your call history including missed or received, and the direction of the call.

SoB 5-176500-edited.jpg

Step 6:

The voicemail tab lists voice mails and includes Caller ID name and telephone number. Within Skype you may play the voicemail, call the number back, download the .wav file or delete the voicemail.

SoB 6-282402-edited.jpg 

Step 7:

Selecting your phone is also easy. There are three options for deskphone, softphone or external assignment.

SoB 7-854483-edited.jpg

Step 8:

The options looks very similar to the ShoreTel Connect Client configuration options.

SoB 8.jpg

From here you can change your call handling, adjust notifications and configure your soft phone.

The included ShoreTel Skype for Business integration is simple and intuitive. We have tested the integration through the ShoreTel Connect Edge gateway as well with the same functionality for users outside of the corporate network.

Contact us should you have any question about ShoreTel and Skype for Business integration.


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