PureCloud Plugin for Chrome

Tiny web client with many features

Since PureCloud launched their plugin for Chrome browser, you no longer need to keep PureCloud page open to make and receive WebRTC call. This allows you to focus on the other webpages and applications you use while interacting with the customer and keep the agent management software out of the way.


 Desktop sizing.jpg

How it works

Below are the the screenshots that demonstrate some of the PureCloud Chrome extension basic functionality. 

Function buttons from left to right: 

  • Pickup
  • Hold
  • Mute
  • Transfer
  • Hang-up
  • Record
  • Secure Pause
  • Dial pad
PureCloud plugin-429922-edited.jpg


1. You can quickly and easily manage your availability status. 

PureCloud plugin availability.jpg

2. The application gives an audio and visual alert to an incoming call as well as the call queue the call was received in.

PureCloud plugin on a call.jpg

3. At the end of the call you can select your wrap code.

PureCloud plugin wrap.jpg

4. The Chrome application can be used to make calls either as yourself or on behalf of a queue.

PureCloud plugin make a call.jpg

5. You can also select the queues you would like to be logged in to.

PureCloud plugin choose queues.jpg

About PureCloud

PureCloud is the ideal solution for the small contact centers. It’s the cloud-based communication solution built on AWS microservices which makes it scalable, reliable and afordable for businesses of any size. It brings to the table a number of features that used to be third party integrations for the premise contact centers and were available only for big business monsters.

If you’d like to learn more about PureCloud’s advantages and functionalities
give us a call at 866-510-85-47 or request a demo