Mitel Voicemail to Email

Remote ways to check voicemail in Mitel Connect

Did you ever want to access your voicemail when you are not at work but didn’t know how? Here are two easy ways to get access to your voicemails.


Method 1: voicemail to email

The easiest for a non administrator is to update your settings in the Connect Client to send voicemails to your email. This will only allow you to listen to your voicemails but for many people that is enough.

  • In Connect Client click the pull down arrow next to the word Connect in the upper left hand corner of the application
  • Select settings
  • Select notifications
  • Check the first 2 boxes. Send email notifications and attach voicemail as a .wav file.

Method 2: call Mitel auto attendant

The second method will require your Mitel administrator to configure.

The voicemail access is configured in an auto attendant. This can be an auto attendant dedicated to voicemail or part of the main auto attendant. Mitel Connect automatically provisions voicemail access using the # key.

In Mitel (ShoreTel) 14.2 or below, you will configure one of the options for “Go to menu” Voice Mail Login. Your administrator may change the access code.

  • Call in to the auto attendant and selecting the voicemail option
  • From here you are prompted to enter your extension and voicemail password

Once you are inside your voicemail box you can:

  • check your voicemails,
  • forward them,
  • delete them,
  • change your availability mode to something like “out of the office”,
  • record a greeting,
  • reassign your extension and more.

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