Mitel EoL VPN Concentrator

Trade-in program for Mitel End-of-Life appliance

The Mitel (ShoreTel) VPN Concentrator has reached its end-of-sale point in January 2017 and moving toward its end-of-life date by the end of June 2018. For Mitel (ShoreTel) users who had or are planning to migrate to a Connect Platform, it means that this appliance will work with Connect, however, the new appliances and the associated licenses are no longer sold by Mitel.

The replacement option

Mitel is offering the Edge Gateway as a replacement for the VPN Concentrator. The Edge Gateway delivers improved sound quality along with having increased functionality to support the Connect Client and soft phones. It also acts as a reverse web proxy. The Edge Gateway can be also used for remote contact center users with no VPN software needed and it will proxy the Service Appliance web conferences.

Better solution for remote staff

The Edge Gateway solves the problem of users that work remotely more completely than the VPN concentrator. It has a tighter integration with the phone system and offers more features furthering empowering remote workers. The users no longer need to start a VPN connection back to the home office to run the client software or log in to contact center queues.  They can use the client software, softphone, desk phone and the Connect Contact Center login from their remote location and be confident that their communications are secure over the SSL connection between them and the Edge Gateway.

Mitel trade-in offer

To facilitate this transition Mitel will offer a remote phone license for each VPN Concentrator remote phone license the customer has in trade. This is a no coast upgrade that can be performed once the customer has migrated to Connect. This is another step in getting as close as possible to feature parity with the cloud and premise Mitel Connect versions. 

As more and more customers upgrade their system to Mitel Connect they are utilizing the new features and enhancements including the Edge Gateway.

When planning your upgrade to Mitel Connect ONSITE don’t forget to trade in your VPN Concentrator licenses as well.

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Edge Gateway – Kurt Kruger