How to import certificates into ShoreTel Mobility router

ShoreTel maintenance made easy

Importing certificates into the Mitel (ShoreTel) Connect mobility router is easy if you complete the steps in the right order. In fact, it is faster to do it yourself than waiting on the ShoreTel support line. Read the detailed explanation below and we guaratee that you will succeed.


Step 1

Create the certificate authority. You will have to generate a self signed certificate authority. Do not use the root CA from your vender here.


Step 2

Open the Remote access certificate page.

Step 3

The certificates need to be in a text file format. Right click the *.crt and key files and open with notepad.

Open with.jpg

Step 4

In a blank text file copy the notepad output in the following order. Please note you should copy from the dashes in Begin Certificate all the way to End certificate. The same for the private key.

  • Certificate
  • Private key
  • Trust chain – This may be several certificates in the trust chain. In the example below from Comodo there are three certificates for this piece

Key order.jpg

Step 5

Select Import under the remote access page


Step 6

Copy and paste the text file you created in here and select Import

Step 7

Repeat the process for local access

Test by provisioning a phone and you’re all set! 

Remember that you can always contact our technical specialists if you experience difficulties with your ShoreTel system.


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