Firewall And Endpoint Protection

What You Can Trust If Not the Firewall?

For a long time, we have been comfortable believing that our firewall/IPS is protecting us from outside attackers. Now we know that it is not always the case. With the release of the NSA and the CIA’s hacking tools we have found that many popular firewall/IPS manufacturers’ devices had long standing vulnerabilities that were actively being exploited. 


Even the largest companies in the world are not able to avoid hacks against their system. Many fail to realize an attack occured until months later. There is no endpoint protection for your Internet of Things devices like printers, TVs, routers, lights, firewalls and sensors. Until the manufacturers of these often-inexpensive devices can properly protect them, those devices will remain a constant threat to the internet today and to your network tomorrow.

Juniper and Cisco, two of the most popular firewall vendors, had secret backdoors that were being exploited. The ASA hack was just as bad, allowing remote code to be put and run on an ASA without even needing a username or password. Who can you trust if you can’t trust the firewall?


Traditional anti-virus and a firewall in the enterprise is no longer good enough. More and more devices on the network do not allow for any endpoint protection and they are being compromised at an alarming rate. The only way to find threats like these is to closely monitor the firewall traffic on both sides of the device. 

Buying and setting up a firewall and endpoint protection won’t protect your network from modern threats. We assume that when we purchase security devices like firewalls or IPS/IDS that the devices themselves are proof against being hacked. This is not the case though. We must implement a new method to ensure that our security devices can be trusted by verifying and constantly monitoring for threats. You need a security team that will catch the things getting through traditional layered protection approaches. 

There is a solution in the market that does exactly that, It’s called CyberDNA Network Security Monitoring Service by Vigilant Technology. They monitor the traffic on both sides of your firewall before it enters of leaves your networkTheir US-based cyber security hunt teams examine the traffic for anomalies and will find and alert you when the unauthorized remote access takes place. 

Schedule a CyberDNA demo today to see what this product can do to enhance your security posture. The CyberDNA demo is a live 5-day Proof of Vigilance that reveals what is coming in and going out of your network at no charge and with no commitment.