Converting Telco DB15F to RJ45 ShoreTel PRI

If you are replacing the connection that a traditional PBX had with a carrier or you find yourself faced with a DB15F connector and you need to convert to a RJ45(48c) to connect to the ShoreTel you can do this with a patch cable and a RJ45/DB15M adapter.

The RJ45 adapter will come with pins that are coloured and the colours do reflect a certain order:

Blue     –> 1
Orange –> 2
Black     –> 3
Red       –> 4
Green    –> 5
Yellow    –> 6
Brown    –> 7
White     –> 8

To pin out the adapter as a straight through connection, you will pin it out in the following way:

Blue      –> 11
Orange  –> 3
Red       –> 9
Green   –> 1

The then connect the adapter to the RJ45 and then the other end into the PRI interface on the ShoreTel PRI box.  If successful you should see all the errors on the carrier card clear and on the ShoreTel should go from Red –> Green.