Changing ShoreTel Switch Configuration via Serial Cable

You connect a serial cable to your computer and start a terminal emulation program like Putty. The serial connection should be at 19200 and the rest of the settings you can leave at default.

You should see an empty screen and if you hit the enter key on your computer the screen should prompt you for a login as:


The password is the same: ShoreTel (case sensitive)

Once you are successfully connected you should see the following screen:


Option 2 will display what the current switch config looks like.

Option 3 will allow you into the menu to change the switch configuration


You can hit enter to go back to the main menu. From there you would select option 3 to get into the menu of the information you wish to change. Once in the menu select the number that corresponds to the parameter you wish to change



Once you have changed a setting, go back to the main menu and you should see that you are either prompted to save the changes to the startup config or the switch will display the info that is going to be updated.


Then from the main menu, go back into option 2 to verify that the new settings are present.


Once you have confirm the new settings are there, from the main menu reboot the switch.


Once the switch has completed the reboot and you are prompted with the “login as:” prompt, check to see that the settings that were changed have remained after the reboot.


If the settings have stayed after the reboot, you are finished. If not, start the process again.

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