Networking for Real Time Applications


The fastest way to find out if your network, local and wide area,  is not ready for Real Time applications is to deploy Voice or Video over your network.

Unlike other technologies, such as web browsing or email, real time applications like Voice and Video have a low tolerance for any network issues.  Network issues in your  LAN and across your WAN, like delay, jitter and packet loss, can significantly impact the quality of your real time network applications.  With a proper design of your networks (local and wide area) you can mitigate those issues and have a successful deployment of voice and video.

LANtelligence has been deploying real time applications like voice and video since our inception.  What we know is that what differentiates LANtelligence from the rest is our ability to not only identify issues on your network but also to help resolve this issues for our clients.

Although we can work with all networking equipment, we have found the following manufacturers offer equipment that is feature rich and cost effective.


HP Networking

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Extreme Networks

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