Cloud Based Video Conferencing

LifeSize VaaS Provides More Personal Communication

Subpage_Box_VCUsing cloud-based video allows you to avoid the cost of expensing video conferencing bridges and hardware (video units).

Clear communication and efficiency are at a premium in order to service regional, continental and global markets. Employees are asked to do more in less time than ever before. Despite all the advances in technology every minute of every work day is a precious commodity. With so much to do and so little time video communication (Video as a Service-VaaS) has become a key component for businesses of all sizes.

Vaas is especially beneficial if you operate a small but disparate organization that could truly benefit from the real-time contact of online video conferencing. Online video conferencing is no longer restricted to the board room because a camera and screen are everywhere including conference rooms, offices, laptops and mobile devices. Cloud video conferencing makes it simple to connect to a colleague, view a presentation or see first hand a site or device.

VaaS from LifeSize allows employees, customers and prospects to interact face-to-face with meaningful real-time communication. This saves time and money while still delivering valuable face time.

LifeSize applications can bring people thousands of miles away together in a room in a matter of moments. It saves time and expense while allowing individuals, teams and offices across the globe to work together as one.

LANtelligence expertise is providing the solution that best fits your needs. Contact us about a free trial of the LifeSize cloud.