Cloud Based IP Telephony

Flexibility for Improved Performance

cloud ip telephonyThe biggest benefits of using the cloud IP telephony depend on your organization and its requirements.

Eliminating large upfront capital costs or the need for expensive hardware at your site, freeing up time for limited IT resources to focus on the business development, and providing a much-needed disaster recovery plan are some of the many ways you may benefit from choosing a cloud-based option.

If your business has many locations but fewer employees, like a retail chain or multi-site organization, it would be an especially good fit for the cloud. Large enterprise customers that have a combination of large and small offices will also benefit, as the small offices can use cloud technology to connect while the larger offices use traditional onsite equipment or virtualized options.

LANtelligence understands telephony and running real-time applications over local and wide area networks. Our expertise is providing the solution that best fits your needs.

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