TelStrat Call Recording

Engage Record

Record encrypt, search, playback, and live monitor

Call recording has become a critical component for small to mid-size businesses, global enterprises, and contact centers. Engage Record’s reliable, flexible design offers proven call recording technologies for regulatory or industry compliance, quality monitoring, mining for customer intelligence, or legal documentation purposes.
A single implementation of Engage Record can record calls for your general business telephones, as well as your contact center agents. Across the globe, customers rely on TelStrat’s Engage Record for success in financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail, government, technology and many more diverse industries.

    Benefits of Engage Record:

  • Assure regulatory compliance
  • Enhance service quality, accuracy, and proficiency
  • Improve sales process by enabling post-evaluation of selling techniques and customer interactions
  • Understand customer perceptions, needs, and preferences
  • Resolve disputes quickly
  • Improve training efficiency
  • Reduce losses in frivolous lawsuits, agent misconduct, and threatening calls