We Provide ShoreTel Support for Existing ShoreTel Users

There are thousands of ShoreTel users in North America who are seeking ShoreTel support every day. The majority of them didn’t make their transition to ShoreTel Connect ONSITE or CLOUD before ShoreTel was acquired by Mitel. Despite Mitel’s official policy and vision on the technical evolution of ShoreTel and Mitel merged solutions, current ShoreTel users need technical support, attention to their system’s health and assistance with transition to the Cloud when it’s the right moment for their business.

Our Team Excels in ShoreTel Support

We don’t outsource our technical engineering services. We ensure our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) staff is up to date with their training and certifications. Our Engineers are fully certified with ShoreTel and have CCNA or higher network certifications. Each member of our TAC team has 5+ years of experience with ShoreTel solutions and some of them are the former ShoreTel support engineers.

Thanks to the high level of experience and expertise with ShoreTel solutions, we keep the highest ticket resolution rate among existing ShoreTel Support Partners. 94% of the tickets we process are being resolved by our team without an escalation to ShoreTel Support (Mitel Support) department.

Read the article about LANtelligence TAC Experience by our TAC Manager Rob Wells.

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We Have a Long History With ShoreTel

Our team started working with ShoreTel back in 1999 and became part of the original group of ShoreTel Support Partners in 2000. Since then, LANtelligence maintains close relationships with the ShoreTel support team, as well as executives and development team. We have maintained a Gold Partner status for over a decade and have won ShoreTel Circle of Excellence three times, most recently in 2016.

We provide ShoreTel support for over 350 customers in the United States and Canada, guiding them through the technology evolution and helping them align communication system functions with their current and future business goals.

After ShoreTel was acquired by Mitel in 2017, LANtelligence has remained one of the biggest ShoreTel support providers in the United States and Canada. We assist our customers with a premise-to-cloud transition as well as support companies who are yet to make their way from ST14.2 or earlier versions to Connect Cloud.

ShoreTel Support Coverage

Access to ShoreTel Software for Upgrades Full Release and Feature Release
Defective Hardware is Advanced Replaces at no chargeExcept for phones
24/7/365 response to emergency issuesGuaranteed 1 Hour response time
Priority queuing of service requests for non-critical serviceX
Remote support to the Client Single Point of Contact (SPOC)X
A dedicated Technical Soluions Engineering and CX representative resource for assistance on any technical or non-technical itemsX
A dedicated Management Sponsor for direct access, on any requirementsX
Staffed Network Engineers availableCCNA or higher certifications
Annual ShoreTel System Health CheckX
Access to free quarterly full day system administration training classesX
Access to free Web Based training tailored specifically to your administration needsX
ShoreTel System Event Filters are set to pro-actively alert LANtelligence of any issuesX
ShoreTel E911 Software is monitored and updated when requiredX
10% reduction on any Professional Services project pricingX
ree assistance provided for any carrier related issuesX
Annual Shoretel Single Release Upgrades at no additional labor charge (for customers with support contracts over $8,000 in annual billing)X
Live Answer Staffed Technical Assistance Center AM to 9 PM EST daily

Support Severity Definitions and SLAs

LANtelligence Priority LevelLANtelligence Response Time
After Business Hours: Next Day
P5 QuestionDuring Business Hours: 24 Hours
After Business Hours: Next Day
P4 Move, Add, ChangeDuring Business Hours: 24 Hours
After Business Hours: Next Day
P3 Feature IssueDuring Business Hours: 24 Hours
After Business Hours - 1 Hour (Average 10 min response time)
P2 Significant OutageDuring Business Hours: Immediate
After Business Hours - 1 Hour(Average 10 min response time)
P1 System DownDuring Business Hours: Immediate

Support Times

Time ZoneAvailable Time Slots
LANtelligence ManagementXXXXXXXXXXXX
Tier 3 EngineersXXXXXXXXXXX
Tier 2 EngineersXXXXXXXXXXXX
Tier 1 Engineers XXXXXXXXXX

Tier 1 Support Level:

The first line of direct customer support, addressing basic customer issues. Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) is also handled at this level. General inquiries, non-technical questions, basic procedural “how-to” questions are quite common as examples of work performed at this tier.

Tier 2 Support Level:

Involves in-depth technical knowledge and is staffed by technicians who have troubleshooting capabilities beyond the Tier1 employees. Escalations to Tier 2 are often characterized by software defects and issues that require multiple cross-functional teams to troubleshoot.

Tier 3 Support Level:

Requires the highest level of technical expertise and addresses the most complex technical problems and customer issues. Tier 3 issues are handled by Systems and Network Engineers and may require multiple interactions with the customer or manufacturer before the issue is ultimately resolved.


LANtelligence Management is always monitoring all TAC cases and is stepping up when the situation requires a management intervention for proper escalation.