SalesForce is retiring the CTI toolkit in the upcoming Spring release.

This means that legacy ShoreTel for SalesForce implementations using the client software adapter will stop functioning when the SalesForce instance they are using is updated.

SalesForce has a KB explaining the reasons for this change HERE

SalesForce has provided the scheduled instance upgrade schedule HERE

What does this mean for the customer?

Customers using ShoreTel version 13 and above may migrate to the web-based integration.  This is a much simpler deployment and does not require any software on the user workstation.

LANtelligence will:

  • Configure the SalesForce integration on the HQ server and any DVS that has users assigned to it
  • Validate the cross-site authentication to the ShoreTel server
  • Assist with troubleshooting the integration

The customer will need to:

  • Acquire a block of professional service hours from LANtelligence
  • Download and import the new ShoreTel Call Center definition file into SalesForce
  • Populate the configuration fields in the new call center that is created by the import process
  • Create a reverse proxy web server if users will be accessing SalesForce outside the customer network or if end to end SSL is desired
  • Assign the reverse proxy a public IP address and a SSL certificate
  • Assign the users to the new call center

You may watch a video of the integration HERE to get a better idea of how this new and more streamlined integrated integration looks and feels.