January 20th, 2017

High Importance to LANtelligence ShoreTel Version 14.2 Customers

On January 31, 2017, ShoreTel announced the EoS (End of Support and EoL (End of Life) for the products, software updates and bug fixes that are part of and support the 14.2 Platform.  This notice marks the beginning of the process that will be completed in a number of steps through June-2018.

Discussion concerning the transition to the newer ShoreTel version must be planned and incorporated into your Telephony strategies. 

As you would expect, LANtelligence will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you are upgraded to the ShoreTel Connect Platform (15) as appropriate and that you have access to hardware to support your business decisions.

Please note all Shoregear Hardware in the orange label era (after 2002, none blue boxes) will work with Rls 15 Connect.

The details by product:


Announce EoS EoS Announce EoL EoL

Full-width SG voice switches
except SG-24A

Apr 2012 and earlier Jun 2012 and earlier Jan 2017

Dec 2017


Jan 2017 Jun 2018

Half-width SG voice switches
except BRI models

Jan 2017 Jun 2018

Pre-ST switch bundles

Jan 2017 Jan 2017

Pre-ST SBE Bundles
except BRI bundles

Jan 2017 Jan 2017

VPN Concentrator

Jan 2017 Jan 2017 Jan 2017

Jun 2018

ShoreTel 14.2 Software

Jan 2017

Jun 2018 Jan 2017

Jun 2018

For more details, see this document

End of Life
(EoL) means that support renewals will no longer include the affected products, software updates, and bugfixes and RMA’s for hardware will not be issued.

End of Sale (EoS) means that the product may no longer be ordered.  After the EoS date, products remain fully supported (subject to active support agreements with Connect ONSITE software updates, bug fixes, TAC assistance and RMA service for hardware.

Please contact the LANtelligence Sales Team or Sales Engineer for more details or to answer your specific questions.