Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Operational Need + Control (FW, AV Compliance) + Visibility

Today’s world doesn’t raise a question of the Cyber Security necessity. Being reckless about your data protection either on a personal or business level is not an option anymore. Luckily, there’s plenty of offerings in the market for any budget and any level of protection.

When it comes to your business data protection, the risk is as high as your reputation and your customers’ security. A lot of businesses that prioritize Cyber Security over the other things are allocating significant budgets to be ahead of the game with the newest protection technology and continuously evolving hacking technology. It is frustrating when you keep investing in technologies and don’t get to see huge improvements.

The problem is that most of the Cyber Security solutions are:

  • Catching the “bad guy” when the incident has already happened
  • And are visible for the hackers, so they can adapt to it.

The key to a truly effective Cyber Security is to gain a visibility and control over everything that is about to enter your network and at the same time to remain invisible to the attackers.

What Cyber Security for business usually looks like

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Tests
  • Compliance
  • Firewalls IDS/IPS
  • Anti-Virus
  • Logging Solutions – SIEM

This is the typical list for most of the cyber security solutions for businesses and it seems concrete. This set has its weaknesses, though:

  • It’s expensive and hardly keeps up with the changes
  • it can only detect something it already knows and is helpless in front of the new threats
  • The average detection time (Dwell Time) is 8 months
  • Hackers know the requirements for most of such systems

Cyber DNA

LANtelligence is a partner of Vigilant Technology Solutions that offers the new way of cyber protection called CyberDNA.

The CyberDNA Network Security Monitoring Service reduces an organization’s overall cyber risk by proactively monitoring the customer’s network for signs of anomalous activity indicative of active compromises, misconfigurations, or other notable security risks. In short, we help your team reduce the average time for incident detection from years and months down to minutes and hours. Quick detection and response reduce breach impact and incident response costs while protecting the organization’s reputation and reducing brand damage. CyberDNA creates a detection layer that remains invisible for attackers and controls the data movements in both ways. It means that unusual data or its behavior will be detected before it enters or leaves your network.

  • Completely inaccessible to attackers
  • Does not degrade your traffic speeds
  • Monitors your traffic in real-time
  • Verifies if prevention assets are working and if endpoints are trusted.

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