How Covid-19 Has Helped Us Reimagine the Retail Experience

Watch Five9 LIVE Webinar from April 28th, 2021 at 11:00 am PST.

If the pandemic taught us one thing it’s the fact that customers want more than just transactional experiences. They are wanting more immersive online shopping experiences that drive a more interpersonal and human connection. With this in mind, online customers will be pulled towards brands that leverage customer service.


Join Melissa Gonzalez, CEO & Founder of The Lion’esque Group, an MG2 company, and Jeff Woodland, Director of Vertical Marketing at Five9 to hear how you can leverage new customer touchpoints delivered through the Contact Center to create personalized customer experiences that will differentiate your brand and create customer loyalty.

Check out the Webinar to learn:  

  • Which customer touch points are most important when strategizing a new service experience 
  • How the Contact Center can adapt to the various new touchpoints
  • How AI, automation, omnichannel management, and remote workforce optimization can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your Contact Center

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