Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) Of Cloud And On-Premises Contact Center Platforms

Is It Time To Move Your Contact Center To The Cloud?

Calculating costs for contact centers has always been a tough problem. It’s a mixture of hard and soft costs that roll up to multiple accounting areas, combined with people training and management. 

Have you outgrown your contact center software, or do you just need a better solution to meet ever-evolving customer expectations? Follow these steps to ensure you’re making the right choice.



1. Evaluate Current Vendor Offerings

Pricing and business models of cloud and premise-based technology have changed.

2. Establish Your Own Guidelines And Roadmap

Address the changing needs and behavior of today’s customers and technology over the next three to five years.

  • New interaction channels
  • Strategic marketing communications
  • Complexity of the existing infrastructure
  • Impact of customer mobility
  • Tactical service interactions
  • New systems and integrations

3. Determine What Factors Matter As Much As Cost

A bargain solution isn’t a deal if you lose necessary functionality. Establish and protect your core values.

  • Capital costs
  • Operational costs
  • licensing costs
  • Geographic reach
  • Industry expertise
  • Security
  • Ease of use
  • Vendor relationships
  • Feature compatibility
  • Investment in legacy systems
  • Company culture

4. Look At Deployment

Find out the best deployment scenario for your contact center based on your size. Ovum describes nine possible scenarios for technology deployment based upon contact centre size and compares the cumulative costs over a five-year period.

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