The New CX Reality – Mobility is The Future of Customer Interaction

Learn why your contact center needs to be able to have agents interact real time with Mobile device users on every channel including voice, SMS, Video, and Social Media. Get all the insights now. 


In Part Four, we discussed your organization needing to be able to offer customers easy-to-use self-service options like web chat, chat bots, and AI Agents. Check it out here to get the full details.

In Part Five of our Five-Part Series “The New CX Reality – Customers Drive How Your Contact Center Operates,” you will discover Market Force Number Five to better learn why engaging from the customer’s Mobile Device will make you more competitive in any market vertical.

Market Force Five: Mobility is the Future of Customer Interaction

The sooner your organization recognizes and is ready for most CX interactions to be engaged from the customers Mobile Device the more competitive you will be in any market vertical.

Mobile device are the primary means for most forms of communication today and with every passing month the expectation of using the Mobile device for everything grows.

Your Contact Center will need to be able to have agents interact real time with Mobile device users on every channel, (voice, SMS, Video, Social Media).

In addition, you will need a solution that can support integrations so that your Mobile applications will be able to pass key information direct from the Mobile device to your agents and database tools.

Like security authorization, transcripts of other channel interactions, photos and more.

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This concludes Part Five of our Five-Part series. But, it doesn’t stop here. Just recently, we aired a webinar “Breakthrough Contact Center Technologies to Engage Millennial and Gen Z Customers” with contact center experts John Triano of Inference Solutions, Tony Poer of 8×8, Vasili Triant of UJET, and host Mike Aoki of Reflective Keynotes, Inc. We discussed the cutting-edge technologies that you should be using at your contact center today. You can watch it here.

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