Is Your Contact Center Progressive?

In a recently published study from Aberdeen by Omar Minkara (Mar 2021) titled “How to Build a Progressive Contact Center for the Modern Customer,” Omar references the term “Progressive Contact Center” which really sums up the mindset of those Contact Centers who really are utilizing all their digital channels to improve their customer interaction.

Ask yourself, does the Contact Center that you work in manage or support a Progressive Contact Center? Most Contact Center are not Progressive yet and are usually Progressive hoping!

There has never been a meeting with a Contact Center group that I have attended where the agent/supervisors and managers want to leverage newer technologies to make their agents and their customers experience better for all.  Where this good intent falls short is often when it reaches the executive level.

When a newer technology of change makes it to the Executive level, it stalls because that group uses a different set of metrics to decide if the improvement/change makes sense.

In following posts, we will look at how or what is needed to make your recommendations have the impact they require.


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