LANtelligence Customer Support During COVID 19 Outbreak

Here are the two easiest options for setting up and supporting your employees working from home during the COVID 19 outbreak.

During the recent outbreak of the COVID 19, the team at LANtelligence, Inc. would like to inform our customers that we are in full operation and here to provide any assistance you may need in getting your communications set up to support employees working from home.

There are several options when it comes to setting up working remotely for your contact center’s employees. The following are the two easiest solutions for employees who will be working from home:

  • If you are on the Connect Release of software, you can spin up a virtual Edge Gateway in VM. This allows you to give users a desktop client that automatically connects through a secure SSL VPN to the Edge Gateway.  They can operate using a softphone or even an IP400 series phone with a power over ethernet adapter (or a PoE switch).
  • LANtelligence, Inc. has numerous UCaaS (Cloud telephony solutions) that are offering free trials to help customers get employees set up at home with complete communication capabilities. As a technical deployment partner, LANtelligence, Inc. has the ability to get these projects rolled out faster than anyone else.

If you have any further questions, please give us a call today.