Ken Zrobok

Director of Operations/Senior Technical Solutions Engineer

Ken has been involved in the unified communications and real-time networking space since 2002. Ken has a passion for building advanced integrations, creating a connection between two disparate systems, where there wasn’t one before. Leveraging his background in software development, Ken has worked extensively in the LANtelligence Contact Center and on advanced integrations projects at LANtelligence. Ken’s primary responsibility and goal has been to interact with customers, defining their requirements and then designing and building complex solutions to meet those requirements while supporting the customer buying process. Ken attributes success to the fact that he can never let a puzzle pass him by. Whether it’s designing a solution or resolving an issue, he can’t resist jumping in and trying to figure it out. He also believes in “paying it forward.” Over his career he’s had to reach out to other knowledgeable people for help or advice and now, he likes to take what he has learned and pass it along to whoever will listen.